I can’t deny it any longer – I am at “that interesting age” where I usually feel hot. I work part time now, and in my increased spare time I enjoy crafting, primarily papercrafts  but increasingly sewing, and also enjoy reading, cooking and scouring websites like Pinterest…

I’ve been crafting for pretty much all my life, in one way or another.  Right from a small child I loved the marks of pen on paper, paint on brush.  I’ve dabbled with sewing, crossstitch, rug making, knitting, crocheting, calligraphy, pottery, painting, parching, and all the myriad wonders of papercrafting.

I think of myself as a butterfly or a bee – I wander from one thing to another, picking up bits and pieces that I transfer to the next thing I get hooked on!  It’s ironic – the only area of my life in which I can be said to be a completer finisher, and it’s buying craft stash!